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I have been teaching private lessons professionally since graduating college in 2009. I actively record and tour as an experimental, jazz, and rock guitarist & composer, but I can teach in all styles and skill levels (including extended techniques and effects use) in addition to music theory, composition, and improvisation. My teaching approach varies depending upon the student, but I like to use music that you already know and love as examples of technique and fundamental music theory.

I consider music to be, at it’s core, rooted in critical thinking. My goal is to teach my students how to learn for themselves, and so I consider myself more of a coach than a traditional teacher. I want you to have an understanding of how the instrument and the music makes sense to YOU personally. In doing so, I tend to focus on pattern recognition and often use metaphors to help clarify ideas.

What you get out of lessons is up to you. You can practice every day and work towards constantly improving and becoming an artist in your own right, or it can be something you just do once every week or so to unwind and get your head thinking about something different. You do not need to become a virtuoso to get something valuable out of lessons…but practicing is nice!

I am a native of New York’s Hudson Valley and hold a BA in Music from Skidmore College, where I studied jazz guitar, West African drumming, music theory, composition, and recording technology. Several of my students have gone on to perform professionally and enroll in programs at institutions like New York University and Berklee College of Music.


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“Lucas is a fantastic teacher, he is able to quickly get you a grasp on theory while at the same time breaking the learning into manageable and extremely useful exercises on the guitar. He wastes no lesson time and has a nice setup for online lessons. If you want a clear path to learning the neck – this is your guy.”
– Shawn M. (from New Jersey)

“In only a handful of lessons, Lucas helped to deepen my critical listening skills, technical proficiency with my instrument, and understanding of theory. The combination has provided me the intuition to develop my own sound, as well as a unique relationship to my instrument and music as a whole.”
– Jack L. (from New York)

“I had a great lesson with Lucas. He’s a knowledgeable, patient instructor, and he was able to break down complex concepts in a way that was easy for me to understand. I’m looking forward to my next lesson!”
– Nat Q. (from Virginia)