Compositions and improvisations for guitar, effects + loops. A variety of rhythmically and texturally focused sounds. Touring this format regularly throughout the United States. Many recordings available.

<<<songs trio>>>
New trio performing my songs in the fake “cowboy slowcore” or “dystopian dream jazz” genres. Simple melodies and chord structures with extended textural improvisations and occasional reinterpretations of related classics. Ben Rolston on upright bass, Colin Hinton on drums and percussion. “Two Songs (Live at Troost)” out now.

<<<duo with kevin shea>>>
Anything from ambient washes to jerky-noise improvisations and performance. Currently with two releases, one of free-improvisations titled “The Importance of Being or Not Being, Whichever” and another of dream-jazz song-soundscapes titled “Vague Sense of Virtues and other dreams of mundane profundity.”

<<<trio nonexist>>>
Cosmic, pulsating, dichotomous trio that mixes math-rock, post-rock, jazz fusion, and free improvisation. Featuring the simultaneously destructive-constructive rhythm section of electric bassist Johnny DeBlase (Zevious, Many Arms) or electric bassist Ben Backus (Hannibal Montana) and drummer Kevin Shea (Talibam, Storm & Stress). Performing the loosest of my compositional material with plenty of room for improvisation and denying the existence of time.

<<<hannibal montana>>>
Post-rock / math-rock hybrid with Eric Castillo on drums/laptop & Ben Backus on bass/keys. Much of the music is composed collaboratively. Formed in 2009, on hiatus at the moment. For more:

<<<duo with matt luczak>>>
Improvisational duo with Hudson Valley drummer, Matt Luczak. Frequently performed at the infamous My Life in the Bush of Ghosts in New Paltz NY and other spaces in the Northeastern US. Our first recording session from 2015 is available via cassette and digital download @

<<<duo with grant calvin weston>>>
Jazz-fusion and improvisational recording/performing collaboration with legendary Philadelphia based drummer, G. Calvin Weston, who has worked extensively with Ornette Coleman, Marc Ribot, John Zorn, John Lurie’s  Lounge Lizards, and many more. Our first album, “Flying Kites,” is available now on 577 Records. Our second album, recorded live at Quinn’s in Beacon NY, can be found @

Undefinable and infinite duo with Asheville NC based musician, Zach Cooper, on electronics and other instruments. Creating post-modern soundscapes for future nostalgia and beyond. New music in the works, meanwhile: