Scoring / Composing

Lucas Brode is a modern composer capable of creating a wide variety of sounds and styles, whether it be rock, ambient, jazz, classical, or ‘world’ influenced musics. He has extensive experience as a performing and recording guitarist, bassist, and percussionist, plus access to all the equipment necessary to produce quality, professional recordings. Lucas has composed for animations, feature films, documentaries, and more. He works mostly with live instruments, but often implements computer synthesized sounds like electronic drum beats, string samples, et cetera. Lucas prides himself on his ability to compose the right sonic landscape for many different visual styles. He always maintains communication with his clients every step of the way, to ensure they have the utmost satisfaction with the final musical product.

Lucas holds a BA in Music from Skidmore College where he studied composition, music theory, jazz guitar, recording, and West African drumming. He currently lives in Westchester County, New York. To inquire more about composition work, please email: lucas[dot]brode[at]gmail[dot]com

 Going Pro: American Soccer feature documentary.
All music composed and recorded by Lucas Brode.

 Bo animated short by Ken Siu.
All music composed and recorded by Lucas Brode.

 Step Off Susan animated short by Ken Siu.
All sounds created and recorded by Lucas Brode.

 Out of the Shadows short documentary for a Purchase College lecture series.
All music composed and recorded by Lucas Brode.

Tracks from various other scores: