Sick Sad World // focus grill

On February 14th, I will release a new album via Focus Grill – my new “label” for cassette/digital releases. Sick Sad World is a collection of organized improvisations and slight compositions, inspired by the show within a show of the same name from the animated series Daria. My style of guitar playing has grown increasingly more inspired by animation over the years in several ways: texturally, rhythmically, structurally, et cetera. This project is an examination of how pop culture of the past can influence an artist’s present and future creative output, as well how they experience the world. The concept is simultaneously dark & serious and ludicrous & playful, a dichotomy echoed in the music itself. I am releasing a series of videos for the album, check out the first two here:

In support of this new release, I will be going on a short tour in mid-February (NY, PA, MD, DC, VA) including a very special TAPE RELEASE show back at Muchmore’s on February 16th from 7-9pm, which will feature a screening of animated films by my good friend and collaborator Ken Siu. I will perform solo guitar, mostly improvised, with video projections utilizing clips from Daria, as well as some original content. This is going to be a very fun night, mark your calendars!