Interview with Jazz Right Now // Vague Sense of Virtue reviews

Check out my recent interview with Jazz Right Now here:

Vague Sense of Virtue still available on CD/cassette/digital through Cacophonous Revival, here are some quotes from reviews:

“Vague sense of virtue, out just a handful of days after autumn begins, is the perfect soundtrack for the season of long shadows. Although the music has a low-key warmth to it, at the same time it’s pervaded by an abstract melancholy. It’s a well crafted sonic portrait of rumination and drifting emotions.”
-Daniel Barbiero, Avant Music News

“With their associative movements, the melodic lines played by Brode, their music sounds like an evocation of a dreamlike world.”
-Dolf Mulder, Vital Weekly

“Brode and Shea took stock of their environment and played directly to it, injecting a little “ambient” into this whole thing. They play the room, letting the sound interact with the walls and themselves, letting it alight on their bodies.”
– Ryan Masteller, Tabs Out