“TACONIC: songs in the Hudson Valley” out now on cassette/digital

I have a new album out today, which I am self-releasing on my bandcamp page. A collection of solo acoustic guitar music recorded in April 2020, TACONIC is a dreamy autobiography drenched in nostalgia. It is also the first album I have recorded that features no electric guitar, which was a new challenge for me. I was inspired to make this record after being asked to contribute to the ninth volume of the acoustic guitar focused Imaginational Anthem compilation for the Tompkins Square label. My track Knots Where Never Was, which became a staple of my solo sets for my last few tours, sort of just slipped out very organically without much fuss. Shortly thereafter, so did the fourteen tracks that make up TACONIC. The digital download also includes a PDF transcription of the music (standard notation / tab). I have self-pressed a small number of cassettes for the time being, so if you are interested in that please order ASAP. Either way, please consider giving it a listen/purchase and I hope you enjoy it.