New album of solo guitar music, Oct 28th // pre-order now

I Lick the Kerosene of Progress is an album of solo guitar music that sounds somewhere in the realm of later Don Caballero (without a full band) or earlier Kaki King (on electric guitar), but is more influenced compositionally by the music of Steve Reich and West African drumming rhythms. These pieces are augmented with ambient and improvised interludes, which gives the album a more varied sound and conversational tone. The music was composed over the past several years while I developed a unique rhythmic sensibility on guitar, primarily through the use of tapping. All sounds were recorded, mixed, and mastered at my home studio in New York in August 2016. The accompanying visual pamphlet/comic, brought to life by LA based illustrator & animator Ken Siu, features a panel for each track, as well as a lyrical representation of themes present in the music and images.

Pre-order & listen the track Today is a Long Uphill Battle I Will Stalemate at Best here:

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