Lucas Brode’s SPYING out 6/22: pre-order now

“Lucas Brode’s SPYING” is a full-length album of guitar/drum duo music, solo guitar pieces, and sound collages. It is a mixture of the semi-meaningless genre names avant-rock, jazz-fusion, and ambient/noise. There are both ripping guitar solos and introspective wanderings. SPYING grew from a touring duo of the same name with drummer Sammy Wags, who is featured on several tracks. The band was active from the fall of 2015 to the summer of 2017. The album is simultaneously a document of the past and a prediction of the future. In addition to digital download, it is pressed on beautiful CDs in 4-panel wallets and some homemade cassettes.

You can pre-order and listen to the track “Pales in Comparison” here now: